and signs!


Our Team

The B’s Story

The B’s Tees was started in the garage of Rob and Lisa Burcham’s house in August 1992. They originally started in screen printing T-shirts, hats, and decals; but quickly moved into signs and banners as well. After about 4 years in the garage, the small team grew to large and moved to a house on West 7th St. in Columbia. After only a year and half, it became evident that they had outgrown that space as well. Since then, Rob & Lisa Burcham have continued to deliver excellent work for the city of Columbia from their shop located at 2632 Leah Dr. Columbia, TN. Their growth has continued in both knowledge that comes with experience, as well as in skill and ability that comes from passionately doing what you love. They offer screen printing and embroidery on many different items and full color digital printing on decals, banners, magnetic, aluminum, and plastic signs. Looking for something different? Just ask! There’s very little that the B’s can’t do.


The OWners

Rob Burcham

I started my journey in printing in 1978. I started working in magazine printing plant in Nashville called Baird Ward. We printed Southern Living, Field and Stream, U.S. News and World Report and others. I worked their for 12 years. My next stop was screen printing signs at a place in Columbia called Communication Graphics. I worked their about a year and a half, but there I saw the opportunities of what could be done with screen printing. I felt the urge to start my own business mainly in screen printing, and the opportunity came up and I took it! The rest, my friends, is history. 27 years later we do so many things our customers say, ”I didn’t know you could that!”

Lisa Burcham

I started when we were working out of the home folding shirts and helping Rob. I had 4 children under the age of 13, so I was kind of busy. After a while with the kids getting older, I had more time to help with the business. So 11 years ago I became a permanent part and handle the operations of the office. If you call the office you will more than likely talk to me.



The Designer

Eric Borchert

Eric - The Art Guy here, I Graduated from Nossi College of Art in 2004 with an Associate Degree in Graphic Design. A week after my daughter was born in June of 2004 , I was hired at the B’s Tees and have felt at home ever since.



The Warehouse manager

Abigail Chadwell

Abigail is the lady who is really running things around here. She will screen print your shirts, fold them out, counts them twice, and load them up in your car. She should also write her own bio.