and signs!


I didn’t know you could do that!

Here’s some of our specialities:


Screen Printing

We look at the design in order to figure out what is required to complete the job. Then, we determine the style, fabric, and availability of a t-shirt that fits the customer’s request. After the t-shirt has been decided, we price the shirt, design the artwork, and send a layout of the design to the customer for approval. Once approved, we proceed in setting the screens up to print the shirts.

Vinyl Decals


We determine the colors of thread needed by inspecting the design and size of artwork. As well as looking at the artwork, we also collaborate with the customer to decide what type of fabric will be embroidered such as t-shirts, hats, etc. After reaching a decision, we price the item to be embroidered. Then the artwork is designed, and sent to the customer for approval. Once approved, we proceed with having the item embroidered. 



We first decide what kind of material the customer needs. Then, we look at the design to determine whether the customer is looking to have a full color digital print or just vinyl lettering. Next, the artwork is designed, and the layout is sent to the customer for approval. Once approved, the sign is made. We can also do on site installation locally.

promotional items

If promotional products are what you are in search of, we can do a variety of items. Promotional products are great for putting a business logo or business name on items such as pens, water bottles, magnets, etc. When a customer comes to us with a design for a promotional product, we then search for the style that will work. After we have decided on a product, we price it. Then we design the artwork, send it to the customer for approval, and once it is approved, we have the promotional product printed.

Please note some promotional products may need to be ordered in bulk.